514th Q.M. Truck Regimemt
WWII Re-Enactment Group
The Red Ball Express
Radio Broadcasts
At our displays we often have a WWII radio playing our home made broadcasts from the Clubmobile, we have made five 1 hour CD's so far, four of them are a mixture for 40's music and news broadcasts from WWII, the fifth is a home made version of an American Forces Network broadcast made by our Lt,Col Chris Grant, made for fun and dedicating songs to members of our group. If you press the 5 white buttons on the small radio below you will be able to listen to all 5 broadcasts but please remember that these recordings are not of a very high quality and we would recommend visiting the "Living History Radio Files" at the link below for higher quality recordings..
Channel 1 Channel 2 Channel 3 Channel 4 Red Ball Radio Show
Press the buttons on the radio to choose your chanel.
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