514th Q.M. Truck Regiment
WWII Re-Enactment Group
The Red Ball Express
Supporters of the A.B.F.
Red Ball Express Chevys
These tractor-trailers are Chevy MK-G7113 models with 3� ton trailers. This photo was taken during refueling.
The 514th Q.M. Truck Regiment Re-enactment Group is a group of friends who started
collecting U.S. military vehicles and equipment of World War II some years ago. In
July 2004 at the Beltring War & Peace Show we came up with the idea to start a new
WWII re-enactment group to show the organization, hard work and bravery of the men of the
514th Quartermaster Truck Regiment, how they supplied Patton's army with fuel, ammo, rations
and just about every thing else that was needed in their advance across Northern France.
This operation was known as "The Red Ball Express"
Engineer Special Brigades This is the story of WWII Veteran �Walter N. Pruiksma�
(known as "Rookie") of Company D, 783rd M.P. Battalion.
Rookie worked on the Red Ball Highway and has some interesting information that he has been kind enough to share with the 514th re-enactment group, we are proud to have him as an honorary member.
This early 1950's US Army film chronicles the epic history
of the U.S Army truck from WWI through WWII and the 1950's, 29 min full length movie.
The 514th QM TC Re-enactment group wish to thank
Vintage Video.com for the use of this film.

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